February Campaign

February Campaign

UPDATE: Help us raise awareness with our free #lovedoesnthurt wristbands, tote bags, drawstring bags, stickers and posters.

Our goal is to raise awareness on the issues of domestic and emotional abuse through our ‘love doesn’t hurt campaign’.

How you can get involved!

  • Wear our wristbands
  • Carry our bags
  • Give our posters/signposting cards to people in your schools, offices, universities, streets, pubs, train stations, parks……..

Don’t forget to tweet or tag us on facebook in your campaign posts so we are aware and can acknowledge your efforts!

What’s Next

Complete the form below and we will post 1 item within 5-7 working days.

Please note: Items can’t be selected and we will only post what is available in stock for the campaign.

You can visit our store www.dvuk.org for more items.

Thank you so much for supporting Domestic Violence UK.