An Overview Of Domestic Violence UK

In addition to recently updating many of our campaign posters, we have designed a DVUK booklet which can be downloaded online and will be available in print at DVUK events from now on. If you are looking for some more information about what we do, the services we offer and how you can help support… Continue reading>

DVUK New Poster Designs

DVUK New Poster Designs Over the last week, we have been working hard on re-designing posters and campaign information that can be shared online, downloaded for projects/events and distributed throughout the UK. We want to make the designs as striking, useful and eye-catching as possible to ensure our message of hope is conveyed in the best… Continue reading>

Summer T-Shirt Sale!

We are still running our latest campaign called 'Summer T-Shirt' to help raise further awareness of domestic and emotional abuse. Now the weather has picked up and it's looking HOT we're running a sale ending this July.  You can purchase your Summer T-Shirt during this time at a discount of 10%! This offer is only… Continue reading>