Am I being abused?

Abuse is a pattern of coercive control, intimidation, and oppression effectively used to instill fear and maintain long term relationship domination. If any of the below sounds familiar to your and is a regular occurrence in your relationship - it is not acceptable, and you deserve better. "They're two different people. I feel like I'm… Continue reading>

Summer T-Shirt Campaign

  From now until the end of August we are running our latest campaign, The Summer T-Shirt Campaign. Our aim again is to continue to raise awareness and highlight the issues surrounding domestic and emotional abuse. The more T-Shirts we sell to the public domain (that’s you wonderful people!) the farther our reach for this… Continue reading>

Our Government could learn a lot from Australia’s

Recently Victoria's Royal Commission of Australia has investigated family violence and raised 227 recommendations following from their research. This has sparked a moment of change within Australia to the exposure of domestic violence, and our Government could learn something from them! Here's a run down of the main points: A secure, long-term funding commitment: There… Continue reading>

Domestic Violence Myths Debunked

DVUK work tirelessly to provide support to survivors and hope to individuals who have experienced domestic and emotional abuse. It's important for us to continue to raise awareness about how people are affected by domestic violence. Here are some of the facts: Myth Number 1: Domestic Violence is only physical. This is far from the truth.… Continue reading>