Am I being abused?

Abuse is a pattern of coercive control, intimidation, and oppression effectively used to instill fear and maintain long term relationship domination. If any of the below sounds familiar to your and is a regular occurrence in your relationship - it is not acceptable, and you deserve better. "They're two different people. I feel like I'm… Continue reading>

Summer T-Shirt Sale!

We are still running our latest campaign called 'Summer T-Shirt' to help raise further awareness of domestic and emotional abuse. Now the weather has picked up and it's looking HOT we're running a sale ending this July.  You can purchase your Summer T-Shirt during this time at a discount of 10%! This offer is only… Continue reading>

18th – 24th April Stalking Awareness Week

18th – 24th April Stalking Awareness Week By Surrie Fullard To mark National Stalking Awareness Week 2016 I thought I’d write a quick post to raise more awareness of this sensitive issue. It is thought that only a very small proportion of stalking cases are actually reported to police in the first instance – which… Continue reading>