Telephone Counselling Services

Domestic Violence UK offers free telephone counselling services to individuals. The sessions focus on the individual’s physical, mental, emotional and psychology wellbeing. This service is provide by an accredited counselling agency/counsellors.

Vouchers For Refuge Initiative

Help us show #lovedoesnthurt by supporting our Vouchers For Refuge Initiative. We currently support 2 refuges every quarter and they need several items. You can participate in this initiative by donating small items*, gift cards or vouchers for supermarkets and stores.

Online & Mobile Directory

The Online/Mobile Directory is a service which helps individuals find their local specialist support organisations. It’s constantly updated and you can click on the ‘Find Support Near You tab’ on the homepage.

The Portrait Project

The Portrait Project is a photo shoot of individuals wearing our free #lovedoesnthurt t-shirts. Each portrait will be accompanied by a message raising awareness and Inspiring Hope

Love Doesn’t Hurt Campaign

Our goal is to raise awareness on the issues of domestic and emotional abuse through the love doesn’t hurt campaign

The Mutual Support Magazine

The Mutual Support Magazine is an online interactive magazine which contains articles written by professionals, bloggers, students, counsellors….

Campaign Materials

You can help us raise awareness and support our ‘Love Doesn’t Hurt’ campaign by downloading and printing our posters, flyers and canvas images.

The Wellbeing Centre

The Wellbeing Centre is an online resource containing a series of articles,planners, podcasts, videos and interactive tools focusing on your physical, mental and emotional health. Click on any link to view more information regarding the subject, including podcasts and videos.

Love Doesn’t Hurt Video Campaign

We are looking for volunteers to help us with our love doesn’t hurt video campaign Content: Love Doesn’t Hurt , Speak Out Against Domestic Violence We believe this could be another way of raising awareness on the issues of domestic and emotional abuse. Please send your video clips to

Video Page

Our video page showcases campaigns, talks, lectures and seminars from individuals, specialist support organisations and professionals

These videos focus on raising awareness on the issues of domestic and emotional abuse.

The Advice Hub

The Advice Hub is a new online project launched in 2017 by Domestic Violence UK. It provides a wealth of information on issues relating to welfare benefits, and signposts individuals to a range local and national support groups. It also provides access to short courses, factsheets and other helpful resources.

DVUK E-Slides

Our free powerpoint presentation toolkit  which can be accessed by everyone, and used by educational establishments.

Our Projects