February Campaign

February Campaign UPDATE: Help us raise awareness with our free #lovedoesnthurt wristbands, tote bags, drawstring bags, stickers and posters. Our goal is to raise awareness on the issues of domestic and emotional abuse through our 'love doesn't hurt campaign'. How you can get involved! Wear our wristbands Carry our bags Give our posters/signposting cards to… Continue reading>

The Advice Hub

The Advice Hub The Advice Hub is a project set up and managed by Domestic Violence UK. It signposts individuals to various local and national support groups, provides information on issues relating to welfare benefits and creates opportunities for personal growth and development. The objective of The Advice Hub is to: CREATE USEFUL TOOLS We… Continue reading>

Some information on Coercive Control

For years it has been recognised and understood that not all abuse is physical, but previously it had been difficult to speak out against abuse that left emotional trauma, and not physical scars or bruising. On the 29th December 2015, a piece of legislation was introduced to aid in tackling domestic and emotional abuse further. The… Continue reading>