National Council For Voluntary Organisations

Domestic Violence UK is now a member of the National Council For Voluntary Organisations. The NCVO champions and strengthens the voluntary sector, with 8,300 members, from the largest charities to the smallest community organisations. We make sure the voluntary sector can do what it does best. There are thousands of voluntary sector organisations in the UK. Everyday,… Continue reading>

Talking About Your Feelings Can Make You Feel Better

This post is dedicated to people currently going through emotional or domestic abuse. It's a harrowing experience and most times it feels lonely and secluded because no one actually understands your plight. I sincerely hope this article would provide some form of encouragement and inspiration because the truth is you are not alone. There are… Continue reading>

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Women

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Women The effects of domestic violence against women are far from being just physical. Abuse in relationships can have long-term emotional and psychological effects that can cause knock-on effects to almost every other area of their lives. It is worth considering, however, that a total of 46% of all… Continue reading>

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Recent legislation has recognised that a child who witnesses domestic violence is effectively being abused too. This is now seen as ‘significant harm,’ due to the physical and psychological effects it can cause. Unfortunately, even very young children will be completely aware of abuse in relationships when it… Continue reading>