How You Can Help Us

Domestic Violence UK is entirely reliant on volunteers, professionals, donations and goodwill  to carry out its duties.

You can;


Fundraise for us

Participate in our Vouchers For Refuge Initiative

Contribute articles to our blog, newsletter and the mutual support magazine (email:

Share our articles, posters, images, pictures, campaigns…. on social media.

Download all our Love Doesn’t Hurt Campaign Materials (i.e. posters, flyers, canvas) so you too can raise awareness in your homes, offices, schools…… (Click Here To Download)

Organise your own love doesn’t hurt campaign(using our materials) online or in your school, office, youth centre…….

Participate in our Love Doesn’t Hurt Video Campaign

Purchase Our Love Doesn’t Hurt Tshirts

Become A Member Of The Hope Network

Make A One Off Donation

Thank you

Get Involved