The Sixth Edition Of The Mutual Support Magazine

The 6th Edition Of The Mutual Support Magazine   Welcome to the sixth edition of The Mutual Support Magazine (an online interactive magazine) It contains articles from; Jennifer Perry Many Small Voices Elaine Hook Kahrmel Wellness The 24th Of April is the National Stalking Awareness Day and you can get more information in this month’s edition… Continue reading>


The Effects of Financial Abuse

What are the Effects of Financial Abuse? Financial abusers use money-related tactics to dominate and/or control others. A financial abuser may prevent the victim from accessing funds and/or persuade the victim to sign over his/her assets. Financial abusers tend to prey on the most vulnerable (elderly, children, romantic partners/spouses and sick individuals). At the first… Continue reading>

Characteristics Of A Financially Abusive Partner

  Characteristics Of A Financially Abusive Partner Financial abuse occurs when an individual uses controlling behaviours to coerce you into giving them control of your finances. Financial abusers often use this control to destroy your confidence and ability to earn a living for yourself, leaving you dependent on them for your basic needs. The characteristics… Continue reading>


Signs Of Controlling Behaviour

Controlling Behaviour is: a range of acts designed to exploit, intimidate and manipulate someone for selfish reasons. This involves depriving them of their independence in an effort to show domination and this type of behaviour is extremely dangerous because it leads to other types or forms of of abuse. The objective of this article is… Continue reading>