Vouchers For Refuge

Vouchers For Refuge Be a part of Domestic Violence UK’s latest initiative to support the community! By sending us vouchers for supermarkets, Health & Beauty shops and clothes stores, you can support a local refuge. We believe that this can make a big difference to families. All you need to do is post your vouchers… Continue reading>


Finding My Voice And Sharing My Experience Through Art

Finding My Voice And Sharing My Experience Through Art (Copyright©@is_cam_24) Everybody's experience of domestic violence is different. There are common factors of the impact domestic violence has on peoples' lives so you are not alone. There are support systems/organisations that understand the impact of such an awful experience, yet your feelings, thoughts and circumstances are your… Continue reading>


Love Doesn’t Hurt Info

#Lovedoesnthurt info #Lovedoesnthurt info is a monthly newsletter for Domestic Violence UK. It will provide readers with a brief summary of all the operations, activities, campaigns and projects happening within the organisation. Continue reading>