Summer T-Shirt Sale!

We are still running our latest campaign called 'Summer T-Shirt' to help raise further awareness of domestic and emotional abuse. Now the weather has picked up and it's looking HOT we're running a sale ending this July.  You can purchase your Summer T-Shirt during this time at a discount of 10%! This offer is only… Continue reading>

Child Witnesses of Domestic Violence

According to the NSPCC around 1 in 5 children in the UK have been exposed to domestic violence at home. Operation Encompass is addressing the issues children will face having witnessed abuse. According to their website ( 'Operation Encompass was created so that by 9.00am on the next school day, a ‘Key Adult” will be… Continue reading>

Summer T-Shirt Campaign

  From now until the end of August we are running our latest campaign, The Summer T-Shirt Campaign. Our aim again is to continue to raise awareness and highlight the issues surrounding domestic and emotional abuse. The more T-Shirts we sell to the public domain (that’s you wonderful people!) the farther our reach for this… Continue reading>